Do this during a bathroom remodel to add value to your home

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom to add value to your home, there are a few things you should prioritize.

Of course, design details like outdated wallpaper can be updated to improve the bathroom as well as adding space.

However, outside of the small things or knocking down walls, here’s what you can do during a bathroom remodel to add value to your home.

Upgrade lighting during a bathroom remodel

Speaking of that outdated wallpaper…When you’re done swapping it out or painting the room a different color, be sure to upgrade your lighting. It will help you start your day off happier and provide better lighting for you while you style your hair or are doing your makeup.

If possible, add natural lighting. Otherwise, talk with a bathroom remodeling expert and explain how you use your bathroom. Then, they’ll help you pick out the best lighting fixtures and place them appropriately.

Update fixtures

Swapping out your sink for one that is more elegant, or opens up more space in a small bathroom, can make a world of difference. However, if you can’t afford that you can change out the faucet! Shiny fixtures help a room seem larger than it is. Another idea is to change out the faucets to ones that help conserve water!

Waterproof flooring

Updating the aesthetic of your flooring will be sure to delight the eyes. However, using waterproof flooring, whether it be tile or stone-like flooring, adds value and safety.

If you really want a luxurious upgrade, you can add heated flooring.

Add a tankless toilet for small bathroom remodels

If you have a small bathroom or just like the streamlined look, add a tankless toilet during your bathroom remodel. As a bonus, they’re more water efficient. Just make sure that the installer makes an easy access point for maintenance on the toilet.

Finish off your bathroom remodel with some plants

Plants do so much for a room: They’re calming, they improve the air quality somewhat, and they’re visually appealing. To make sure they last, get plants that survive in humid environments and little natural light if you aren’t sitting them on a window sill.

 Only hire the best for your bathroom remodel

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