What You Should Know About Bathroom Wallpaper

Here’s what you should know about bathroom wallpaper before sticking to it. When remodeling your bathroom, part of the aesthetic is created by what you put on the walls. While decor and linens can be easily changed, paint, wallpaper and tile are a slightly bigger project. That’s why you should consider a semi-permanent or longer term option for your bathroom walls while you’re working on your bathroom remodel. Paint, wallpaper and tile are all stylish and viable options for your bathroom walls. While the patterns of wallpaper evolve, it’s still a trendy decor option in 2023.

Paint vs. Wallpaper In Your Bathroom 

Bathroom wallpaper has the potential to last longer than paint, as long as 10-15 years.

Paint more easily wears away and can get damaged in high traffic areas, with touch up needed every 3-5 years.

Paint is less expensive than wallpaper, but can provide much less dramatic results than wallpaper.

Caring For Your Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper is easier to clean than paint, without being damaged. Unlike some paints, you can scrub wallpaper with soap and sponge.

Wallpaper generally needs a professional for installation, if you’ve never done it before. Installation of wallpaper can be pricey, whereas paint is a less expensive option, DIY-friendly and doesn’t require expert technique.

It is important to maintain wallpaper properly because the seams can lift over time. To extend the lifetime of your wallpaper, you may need to reseal or replace the seams.

Is bathroom wallpaper the right choice for my space ?

Bathroom wallpaper may not be fitting for all spaces. If the design of the bathroom or type of bathtub or shower is going to splash on the wallpapered wall, you may consider a tile, waterproof or water-resistant option instead.

The bathroom should have a good fan and ventilation. If there’s a window in the space, does it open? How often will the shower be used in the space? Walls tend to feel slightly moist after showering, so it’s important to consider ventilation before wallpapering.

Grass cloth wallpaper should not be used in a bathroom. It’s difficult to clean and can absorb stains easily.

Design experts suggest using decorator’s varnish on wallpaper. This clear, acrylic varnish protects from scuffing, fading, oily smudges, and more.

 Bathroom wallpaper can add color, texture, depth and style to the right space. Choosing the right type of wallpaper, in a well-ventilated bathroom is crucial to long-lasting application. Do your research and understand the space you’re working with before sticking up bathroom wallpaper.

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