When is the best time to remodel your kitchen?

Because it’s such a high-use part of the home, we often get asked, “When is the best time to remodel my kitchen?”

Because kitchen remodels take weeks to complete, it can feel daunting trying to find a good time to plan one. However, upgrading a cramped or otherwise inefficient kitchen will be worth it so let’s take a look at some of the best times to remodel your kitchen.

When is the best time to remodel your kitchen? 

Summer is often recommended by contractors as being the best time to start a kitchen remodel. This is because the weather is often better, there’s lots of natural light so you can better identify and match colors, and for most people this is the time of year they travel.

That last part is notable because, again, you’ll be unable to use your kitchen for a few weeks during the remodeling process. If your family travels some other time of year, that too may be a time to consider. Just try to line up the time you’ll be gone with the time your kitchen will be unavailable.

However, even if you aren’t traveling, summer is still a good time to consider having your remodel done because the fair weather allows for outdoor cooking. There’s also lots of seasonal produce that doesn’t require cooking.

Fall is another good time to remodel your kitchen 

Late summer into early fall is another good time to start this project. There’s still plenty of natural light to help choose colors and, depending on how early you get it started, it should be over before the holiday season. As a bonus, if you host one of the holiday events, your family will get to see your newly remodeled kitchen!

Fall can be an exciting time to begin to remodel your kitchen and is very rewarding once the project is done.

Things to consider when deciding when to start your remodel 

Deciding the best time to remodel your kitchen is one of the most important parts of planning this project. Picking a good time can help ease the difficulty of being without your kitchen for those few weeks. So, here’s five things to consider when picking when to start your kitchen remodel:

  1. Your schedule – As we’ve mentioned above, it is often best to plan a remodel when your family is out of town or during a time you can use alternative cooking strategies.

  2. Alternate meal plans – Of course, you could eat out during the time your kitchen is out of commission. For most, however, that’s not an affordable – or healthy – alternative. This is why we recommended the two times above as the best times to remodel your kitchen. They’re when you’re already out of time or can easily cook outside. You might also consider consulting with family or friends about spending meal times with them.

  3. Weather hurdles – Since a kitchen remodel is normally indoors, weather usually isn’t an issue. However, if this project requires adding onto your home, it will become a consideration. If your kitchen remodel requires any outside work, consult with your local contractor as they’ll know the weather better in your area. If you’re in Springfield, MO or the surrounding areas, that’s us!

  4. Holidays or other events you’re hosting – Above, we talked about this some. If this is your year to host a holiday dinner or if there are other special events coming up, you’ll need to start planning your remodel several months ahead. Reach out to us at least six months before the event you’re trying to host. This gives us plenty of time for products to get in and buffer time for delays.

  5. Product/service delays – We just touched on this, but in recent years products across all industries have seen shipping or manufacturing delays. Not only that, but contractors have also been booked up solid on many occasions.  Depending on the work you want done, we may have other contractors working with us. This is another reason to get in touch with us several months (or more ) before you are hoping that your project will be completed.