When is the best time to remodel your bathroom?

A question we are often asked during quotes is, “When is the best time to remodel your bathroom?”
It’s easy to see why. Having one, if not the only one, of your bathrooms out of commission for any amount of time can be quite an inconvenience.

So, we’re here to break down the timeframe for a bathroom remodel, the time of year that generally works best to start one, and things to think about when you are deciding when to start yours.

When is the best time to remodel your bathroom? 

The true answer to this is when it’s most convenient for your family. If you’re just looking for a general answer, we would say spring or summer.

We suggest these times because they’re outside of the holiday season when most people are having loved ones over, products are more likely to be in stock, and it’s travel season. Further, if you live in Springfield, Missouri or in the Midwest region like we do, spring and summer features more favorable weather. Winter could bring ice storms or heavy snow and make it impossible for us to travel to your home.

The best case scenario is that you’ll be out of town and not be inconvenienced for at least part of the time we’re doing our work! Of course, not every family is the same. Maybe spring and summer isn’t your travel season. So, let’s take a look at another time you could remodel your bathroom.

Maybe winter works better for you 

Of course, all of the above may not apply to you. Perhaps you travel in the winter months or you need a bathroom ASAP and can’t wait for scheduling in spring. Again, the best time to remodel your bathroom is when it’s most convenient for you!

The good news is, there are pros to scheduling a remodel during this time. Less people tend to book remodels during this time so you might have an easier time getting on our schedule. You may also find discounts on some of the products you select as it is the slow season for the manufacturers.

How long does a bathroom remodel take? 

Assuming there are no delays, an average bathroom remodel takes five to six weeks. Of course, there are a number of factors that can change that timeline. Some of which are:

  • Size and scale of the bathroom remodel

  • If you’re doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor

  • If any special-order products are selected they take extra time to arrive

  • If subcontractors are being used, their schedules may conflict

There are other unforeseen delays or interruptions in work that can extend the time of your remodel too. However, once you provide your contractor with the vision of your new bathroom, they should be able to provide a more precise estimate for your project.

If you want to make sure you aren’t the cause for any delays, make sure you communicate quickly and effectively and make all of your payments on time. Also, make sure any product or work decisions are final so there are no last-minute changes.

Is now the best time to schedule your bathroom remodel? 

If after reading this you decide you want to schedule your bathroom remodel, we offer a FREE consultation, where we will use a tablet to show you what your new shower, tub, faucets, or accessories will look like together before giving you a quote the same day! Just give us a call at 417-887-1100 or contact us through our website.