5 Ways to Transform Your Small Bathroom So That It Feels Bigger

Tearing down walls to expand your bathroom space may not always be an option. But, a small bath or shower remodel could be more feasible. By swapping out some of your appliances, fixtures, materials and other features, you can re-design your small bathroom space so that it feels and looks larger.

Swap the type of bathroom fixtures 

Replace your conventional tub and shower combo for drop-in or freestanding tubs.

A tub is the centerpiece of your bathroom. Drop-in and freestanding soaking tubs work well in smaller spaces because they can require less installation and are not limited to fitting a specific space between walls. Freestanding tubs come in different shapes and sizes, so their versatility makes them a better choice for smaller bathrooms. Freestanding tubs also carry a more luxurious aesthetic look, which can really elevate a small bathroom.

Frame-less, glass showers are also great alternatives for small spaces because the transparency helps the room appear more spacious and less crowded.

Rethink Your Bathroom  Lighting    

There are many lighting options that take up no space that you can install easily.

One of the best things you can do for small spaces is to utilize your natural light. Already have a window? Install a larger window or skylight! Daylight supports our circadian rhythms which can be uplifting first thing in the morning. Bathrooms tend to be the first place you go after waking up. Windows are also super important to have in the bathroom for ventilation purposes to prevent mold and mildew.

LED mirrors and lighted mirror medicine cabinets had a beautiful glow to your bathroom vanity. Also, strip lighting under cabinets is an easy install. Recessed lights take up no space, sit in the ceiling and can be placed over bathtubs or showers.

Choosing the Right Materials for Small Bathrooms 

Accent flooring or walls add texture to surfaces and can elevate the depth of your small space.

Hang up floating shelves to make great storage for essentials and decorations because they won’t take up floor space. Floating vanities allow the floor to extend all the way to the wall, which makes your bathroom appear bigger, too.

 Floor to ceiling mirrors or wall-to-wall mirrors add dimension and will reflect the light, whether it’s natural or indoor, and make the space brighter and look bigger. The bigger the mirror, the more light it reflects, and the more space the room will appear to have.

Making the Right Design Choices 

 White painted walls and tile encourage light to move around, appearing more spacious. Painting your ceiling and wall the same colors also creates a seamless transition to the eye that helps the room look and feel bigger.

 If your bathroom is lacking natural light or the opportunity for natural light, bold accent colors might be the better option. It’s important not to overdo the bold colors by painting all the walls the same. Pair an accent bright and bold color with white. Another option is to use bold colors on the trim or on accessories and fixtures, instead.

Minimizing Clutter 

If you’re working with a small space, the less that you have in your bathroom the better.

So, keep it simple by minimizing decor and clutter. Use compact shelving (i.e. hanging shelving inside your cabinets, hanging apparatus behind your doors, towel hangers, floating shelves, etc).

You can also consider remodeling with minimalist hardware such as zero depth sinks or wall-mounted sinks that are built into your vanity unit. These are modern and stylish ways to upgrade a small space.

 Are you ready to replace your bathtub or shower?  

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