How to live in your house during a bathroom remodel

Trying to live in your house during a bathroom remodel can feel inconvenient at times. It can be even tougher trying to do so if you live in a home with only one bathroom.

However, keep in mind that the final outcome  will make it all worthwhile! You’ll soon have a more functional bathroom that better fits your lifestyle. To help you better prepare and live through a bathroom renovation, we’ve pulled together some advice.

How to live in your house during a bathroom remodel

Whether its your only bathroom going out of commission for a while or just one of a few, the following advice should help ease the inconvenience. However, the best advice is to prepare. Both physically and mentally.

As we said earlier, the end result is going to be worth it. So, prepare yourself for the inconvenience and extra stress. The ideal situation would be to move out for the timeline of the project. However, we understand that’s not possible for everyone. Sit down all house members and go over your new, temporary routine. Set your alarms earlier so everyone has extra time in the remaining bathrooms or to travel to the one you’ll be using.  

Speaking of which…

Take advantage of your access to other bathrooms 

If you’ve got family and friends nearby, ask if you can use their bathrooms for daily bathing and restroom use. You can even devise a schedule rotation to ease the additional costs or inconvenience to them.

Another overlooked option is to utilize the free showers at your gym! While you’re there, you can even get in a workout to help reduce stress.

Leave the toilet installed until necessary 

Bathroom remodelers understand many families only have one restroom and may not have other options readily available. Ask if they can leave the toilet installed until it’s necessary to remove.

Plan a vacation during your bathroom remodel 

If you can wait to start your bathroom renovation, try to plan a vacation during the time the contractor plans to have your toilet and shower off limits. Beyond the inconvenience of not being able to use those things, there will also be a lot of noise and people coming in and out of your house. Being able to get away and avoid these potential stressors would be an ideal situation.

Set up temporary solutions 

If getting away isn’t a possibility and you can’t make arrangements to use other bathrooms, your contractor may be able to set up a temporary shower in your basement or another room that drains into the utility tub floor drain. Just an FYI, these setups do cost hundreds of dollars.

As for a temporary toilet, you can always rent a port-a-potty!

Plan for delays during your bathroom remodel 

You know the Murphy’s Law adage: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” The best, well-made plans can go awry.

So, in your plan, make sure you pencil in options for the renovation to take a little longer. If it doesn’t come to that, great! However, for your sanity (and your contractor’s) prepare for the unexpected.

Hire a local, trusted contractor 

Do you want your bathroom remodel to go as smooth as it can? Hire a local, trusted contractor to do your renovation. If you live in Springfield, MO or the surrounding area , that business is Top Tier Kitchens & Baths. Our team of highly experienced installers will work quickly and efficiently to bring it to completion with little disruption to your everyday routine. And, to ensure your confidence, we will back their work with a one-year labor warranty, in addition to the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty that applies to all of our bathroom products.

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