How does a walk-in bathtub work?

You’ve been having a harder time getting in and out of the bath and a doctor, friend, or loved one has suggested you try a walk-in bathtub. However, you probably want to know – How does a walk-in bathtub work? And is it going to be as good of an experience as a regular bath?
We’ll do our best to answer these questions for you.

How does a walk-in bathtub work?

The main part people are concerned with on a walk-in bathtub is the door. Our doors have a latch and seal that hold in the water and prevent leaks onto your bathroom floor.
You may have read reviews or heard of people with walk-in tubs that say theirs leaked. Top Tier Kitchens & Baths uses the highest quality brands for their products and offer a one-year labor warranty on top of any manufacturer warranty, so you can feel confident in your walk-in tub conversion from us.
The doors are also very easily closed and sealed with little effort. So, it’s a perfect solution for someone suffering from an ailment or disease that makes it difficult to use their hands or has lessened their strength.
Another concern people have is the water being too hot when they are filling up the bath while sitting inside. Our tubs all have thermostatically controlled mixed taps that make sure the temperature of the water is filled at a safe, comfortable temperature for you.

Is a walk-in bathtub as relaxing?

Yes! The walk-in tubs we install are expertly crafted and have features such as:

  • Low and no-threshold options
  • Hydrotherapy jets
  • Durable, nonporous acrylic that’s easy to clean

So, walk-in bathtubs are often considered even more relaxing than a “normal” one.

Does a walk-in tub make a bathroom less appealing?

No! Accessible bathrooms can be beautiful too! Top Tier has done many bathroom remodels and accessible bathroom designs can be done in a stylish manner.
By incorporating some luxurious features or materials, your walk-in bathtub conversion can actually update the look of your bathroom.

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