Why Hire a Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodel over DIY

A bathroom remodel is no craft project. When you hire professional contractors to remodel your bathroom, they’re able to devote their full attention to your space. When you try to DIY, you have to do a hefty amount of your own research to make sure you’re doing it properly, work on around your normal 9-5  schedule and other life obligations. Hire a professional for your bathroom remodel so that it is completed on time, correctly and just the way you like it.

Trust contractors with right experience for bathroom remodel

 No matter how many home improvement shows you’ve watched, when you run into something unexpected, you may not have the right skillset to handle the project.  

Plumbing and electrical are not things to play around with. The wrong material, disproportional pipe, or incorrect wiring can wreak havoc on your space and even be dangerous if handled improperly.

It’s important to maintain the structural integrity of your home. You can’t just knock down any wall. You need to understand how to install flooring and drywall properly, too. Professional contractors will also be experts in shower to tub and tub to shower conversions.

Many neighborhoods require permits for electrical, structural and other major work. Contractors are going to be aware of necessary permits and be able to properly obtain what is required with ease.

 Skip giving yourself a crash course, and have peace of mind when you hire help with the proper skills and training to do all the work entailed during a remodel.

Spend less time and money when you hire a remodeling contractor

Bathroom remodels can often take four to five weeks to complete, even when done by a contractor. Add inexperience and a busy schedule to the mix, you can expect a few months added on to that. It’s important to have a realistic expectation of how long a remodel can take if you do it yourself versus hiring help. Contractors will be able to devote proper attention to your home and aim to stick to a deadline.

Amateurs end up spending more money on materials when attempting large scale, home projects. There tends to be more trial and error which can lead to buying more or different materials. Also, material rates through a contractor may be less because they have partnerships with suppliers, therefore they may be able to provide materials at a discounted price.

Design the bathroom of your dreams with a remodeling contractor

The worse thing a homeowner could do during a remodeling project is attempt to do it themselves, spend a lot of money and time trying to make it work, and come out with a less-than desirable outcome with imperfections. No one wants uneven tiles, visible brushstrokes, or mismatched appliances. You chose to remodel so that your bathroom looks better, not worse.

Count on an industry-leading company, who is an expert in the industry, to create a quality finished product you know you’ll love.

 Choose Top Tier Professionals For Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling can be overwhelming for some people, but we make it easy for you. Your home is one of your biggest investments, and choosing a remodeling company for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is an important decision. At Top Tier Kitchens & Baths, our locally-owned company is committed to earning 100% customer satisfaction and offer lifetime product warranties.

Skip the hassle of DIY and give us a call so your new bathroom can be top tier.