6 Essential Elements For Your Kitchen Remodel

Ready to start planning your kitchen remodel? We’ve compiled six essential elements for your kitchen remodel for you to consider as you begin your project. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it should be and feel like everything that you want it to. So, where do you start? Focus on the aspects of your kitchen you like and dislike. Make a list of items you’ll need to make decisions about. Take note of these essential elements for your kitchen remodel.

 Essential Element #1: Layout + Flow Of Your Kitchen

Consider the space you have to work with and how your family will utilize the space. Is the center of your kitchen meant for congregating or cooking? If you have a separate space for dining, you may consider a kitchen island cooktop, instead of an island for seating. Your dining space and kitchen space should complement each other to feel connected, rather than disjointed. The overall layout of space and how it flows as you move through and around it are a key element of your kitchen remodel.   

Essential Element #2: Storage For Your Kitchen

Don’t forget about storage when imagining your kitchen remodel. Consider how much space you’re allowing on your countertops. This includes space for appliances, space for preparing and cooking, space for non-food related activities (because we know non-kitchen items land in the kitchen), and counter top space for eating and socializing. Considering the storage element of your kitchen remodel also includes type, amount and style of cabinetry and pantries. This will primarily determine the aesthetic of your kitchen. Large and versatile drawers, as well as floating or built-in shelving are essential and attractive elements for your kitchen, too.

Essential Element #3: Lighting In Your Kitchen

There are so many different elements that you can utilize for lighting during your kitchen remodel. Consider the amount of natural lighting that already exists in your kitchen and dining space. Lighting designed for completing tasks and cooking is crucial, but so is accent and decorative lighting. This may look like a chandelier over the island or ambient lighting under the cabinets. There are so many options, but don’t just pick one; layer each type of lighting for maximum illumination of your kitchen.

Essential Element #4: Hardware In Your Kitchen

The hardware you choose during your kitchen remodel is a great way to elevate your kitchen space. It may not be a huge aspect of your kitchen, but this small element is a great way to express personality that gets noticed by house guests. Popular styles of hardware include: gold, matte or satin black, modern bar pulls, brass and copper. It’s common for hardware to match, but if it doesn’t, it should at least compliment each other.

Essential Element #5: Flooring Within Your Kitchen

Modern design trends aim for open floor plan kitchens, instead of a closed off space. This means that you might consider keeping the flooring the same as nearby room areas. This prevents awkward sectioning off and even flow. However, a kitchen floor may have an opportunity to add texture or pattern to the space for dimension and aesthetic. You may also consider concrete, stone or tile flooring. These types of floor allow for underfloor heating which is always a nice home addition.


Essential Element #6: Appliances to Make Up Your Kitchen

When planning for your kitchen remodel, an essential element to consider are your appliances. Appliances should be selected carefully. Appliance selection can make or break the appearance and quality of a kitchen. It’s recommended that appliances match. When appliances aren’t all the same color, it conveys disorganization and imbalance. Even a squeaky-clean and well-kept kitchen can look untidy with mismatched pieces.


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 Your kitchen remodel should be carefully planned out. There are other essential elements to consider such as electrical, ventilation, plumbing, paint, backsplashes, and other material selection. Consider these things as you begin to tackle your project. What about the rest of your project’s scope? Call the trusted and reputable professionals at Top Tier Kitchens and Baths. Our technicians will skillfully take care of every aspect of your kitchen remodel, and they won’t consider the job finished until you’re ecstatic with the results. We will also send out a kitchen design specialist to your home for a free consultation! Call us today.

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