Bathroom Remodeling in Pittsburg, Kansas

When local homeowners want to give their bathrooms the ultimate upgrade, they know to look for high-quality products installed by an experienced contractor. Top Tier Kitchens & Baths is proud to be the go-to choice for bathroom remodeling in Pittsburg, Kansas. Over the years, we’ve become recognized as the top choice for local remodeling projects as we have the skills and experience needed to transform your bathroom into a space you enjoy using every day. 

When you’re planning your upcoming remodeling project, we hope you’ll take the time to talk to our expert installers about your ideas. We work with homeowners like you in Pittsburg, KS, as well as other areas of Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. If you have questions about the bathroom remodeling process, you want to see product samples, or you want to request a free estimate, we are here to help you in any way. 

Don’t wait any longer to schedule your initial consultation and get one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams! To set up a time to meet with us, please call us at 417-887-1100 or contact us online.

The Top Bathroom Contractor in Pittsburg, KS

Expert Bathroom Remodeling in Pittsburg, KS

At Top Tier Kitchens & Baths, fair pricing is at the core of our commitment to serving homeowners in Pittsburg and beyond. We believe in transparency and integrity in every aspect of our services, from your initial consultation until the final walkthrough at the end of your project.

We take pride in providing special offers to our customers along with comprehensive and detailed estimates so you have a clear understanding of the costs involved in your remodeling projects. When you choose us for your project, you won’t have to worry about surprise charges or hidden fees. Instead, you can expect straightforward, fair pricing that aligns with the quality and expertise we provide.

We understand that every bathroom remodeling project is unique, and so are the budgetary considerations of local homeowners. That’s why we offer personalized solutions that cater to diverse financial needs without compromising on the quality of our materials or workmanship. 

We are also proud to be a reliable partner for homeowners seeking financing options for their bathroom remodeling projects. We are happy to guide you through the different options available to you, addressing any questions you have and providing clarity as needed. We are here to be a trusted resource for those embarking on bathroom remodeling ventures, making the financial aspect of the renovation journey as seamless as possible. 

From Kansas Crossing Casino to Pittsburg State University and everywhere in between, Top Tier Kitchens & Baths works with homeowners in every inch of Pittsburg, KS, as well as in other nearby cities. We’ve probably worked with your friends or neighbors over the years and we would love the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming remodeling project. 

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

We are proud to work with customers throughout all of Crawford County and beyond, in areas like Branson, Joplin, and Ozark. If you live in or around Pittsburg, KS, and you want your bathroom to be more functional for your family’s needs, we hope you’ll reach out to us soon to talk about your remodeling ideas. 

In the meantime, you can learn more about all of our bathroom remodeling services below. 

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Pittsburg, KS

Comprehensive bathroom Remodeling in Pittsburg, KS, including bathtub remodels

No matter what kind of ideas you have in mind for your bathroom remodeling project, we are here to bring your ideas to life. We have experience renovating every aspect of the bathroom to help the space not only look more modern, but better fit your family’s needs.

Bathtub Remodeling in Pittsburg, KS: Our bathtub remodeling services focus specifically on rejuvenating and upgrading the bathtub area within a bathroom. This specialized service aims to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the bathtub, ensuring it aligns with the overall design and theme of the bathroom. 

Our bathtub remodeling services provide homeowners with the opportunity to customize this essential feature to meet their preferences.

Shower Remodeling in Pittsburg, KS: Our shower remodeling services concentrate on elevating the design and functionality of the shower space within a bathroom. Whether it’s a Jacuzzi® shower or a low-threshold option, our shower remodeling services aim to create a rejuvenating and stylish area that complements the overall bathroom design. 

With a focus on practicality and aesthetics, these services cater to diverse needs and preferences for an enhanced showering experience.

Shower-to-Tub Conversion in Pittsburg, KS: With our shower-to-tub conversion services, you can transform your existing shower space into a functional and stylish bathtub. These services are ideal for homeowners looking to add a bathtub for relaxation or practical reasons. 

This is a popular way to better customize your bathroom, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a soothing bath in a space that previously only accommodated a shower.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion in Pittsburg, KS: Conversely, our tub-to-shower conversion services cater to individuals seeking to replace their existing bathtub with a more space-efficient and accessible shower. 

This service is often chosen for its convenience and is particularly popular among those with mobility concerns or individuals looking to modernize their bathroom spaces.

Walk-In Showers in Pittsburg, KS: Walk-in showers represent a popular and contemporary bathroom design trend, emphasizing accessibility and style. These showers typically feature a barrier-free entry, making them easily accessible for individuals of all ages and abilities. 

Walk-in showers are known for their open and spacious feel, often incorporating sleek glass enclosures and a variety of modern fixtures. The design allows for flexibility, accommodating different layouts and customization options, making them a versatile and attractive choice for modern bathroom renovations.

Walk-In Tubs in Pittsburg, KS: Walk-in tubs are designed with accessibility in mind, offering a practical solution for individuals with limited mobility or those who simply prefer a safer bathing option. These tubs have a watertight door, allowing users to enter without having to step over a high ledge. 

Walk-in tubs often come equipped with features like built-in seating, handrails, and therapeutic options such as hydrotherapy jets. This specialized design prioritizes safety while providing a comfortable and luxurious bathing experience for individuals with various needs.

High-Quality Acrylic Showers and Bathtubs

We pride ourselves on installing only the greatest products for our customers. We believe that acrylic is the best material on the market, which is why we offer acrylic showers and tubs to local homeowners. 

Acrylic showers and baths are known for their durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and fading, ensuring a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Acrylic is also a lightweight option, which makes for an easier installation process so you can start enjoying your upgraded bathroom as soon as possible. 

Since acrylic is a non-porous material, it is resistant to mold and mildew growth, which helps to keep your bathroom cleaner with less effort required on your part. Beyond that, acrylic retains heat well so you can expect a comfortable and warm bathing experience, especially compared to other tub materials. 

One of the other reasons we love acrylic is because it’s available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose a design that’s customized to your preferences. Best of all, acrylic is cost-effective, so you can upgrade your bathing area for a price that works with your budget. 

Jacuzzi® Showers

Comprehensive bathroom Remodeling in Pittsburg, KS, including shower remodelsDo you want to add an element of luxury to your bathroom? One of the acrylic shower brands we install is Jacuzzi®, which is a top name in the luxury bathroom market. Jacuzzi® showers offer a relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience so your everyday cleaning tasks feel anything but ordinary. 

These innovative shower systems combine the durability and reliability of Jacuzzi® products with the convenience of a shower. With sleek designs, customization options, and high-end features, you can create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home with the help of Jacuzzi® and Top Tier Kitchens & Baths.

More About Top Tier Kitchens & Baths

With a crew of skilled professionals and a wealth of experience in the industry, Top Tier Kitchens & Baths consistently delivers high-quality results that exceed expectations. We take a personalized approach to each Pittsburg, KS project, ensuring that your unique preferences and requirements are always top of mind. 

From meticulous planning and transparent communication to timely execution, Top Tier Kitchens & Baths prioritizes customer satisfaction at every stage of the remodeling process. When you work with us you can expect a seamless and transformative remodeling experience that elevates the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom spaces.

Additionally, we have built a reputation around our ability to complete projects on time and within budget, providing honesty and reliability throughout the remodeling process. With an impressive track record of successful and aesthetically pleasing bathroom renovations, choosing Top Tier Kitchens & Baths is an investment in both quality work and unmatched customer service.

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